York Region Business Taking Action on Climate Change

Member Services and Fees

ClimateWise member services


One on One Coaching and Support

We offer customized services and tools to help businesses every step of the way to realize the economic and sustained benefits of GHG reductions.


Learning and Networking Workshops

CimateWise offers the opportunity to learn about how the changing environment will impact your organization.


Premium Resources and Tools

Tools and resources are offered to help quantify and report your emissions reduction goals and progress and execute an action plan to meet your objectives.


Access to a Network of Industry Leaders and Proven Solutions

Through Green Economy Canada, ClimateWise connects businesses of all industry types with similar organizations across Ontario.

ClimateWise member fees

An annual fee is required to be a member of the ClimateWise Business Network. The fee is a sliding scale based upon an organization's number of employees. Membership fees are paid once annually with the first membership fee due upon joining ClimateWise.

The fees below are designed for single-tenant buildings. For multi-tenant building services, please contact us for special rates. ClimateWise offers additional resources for multi-tenant building owners including a tenant engagement package.

1-5 employees
6-10 employees
11-25 employees
26-50 employees
51-100 employees
101-500 employees
501+ employees

*The annual fee may increase or decrease each year, depending on the number of people employed by your organization on the date on which the annual fee is to be paid.

*Registered non-profit corporations qualify for a 50% discount.

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