York Region Business Taking Action on Climate Change

ClimateWise Emissions Reduction Framework

Establishing meaningful and verifiable Greenhouse Gas reductions

The ClimateWise Reduction Framework is a carbon target-setting framework based on the global standard Green House Gas Protocol and lays out the emissions reduction criteria for ClimateWise members.

The framework is designed to generate meaningful carbon emission reductions, while still remaining accessible to the various types and sizes of businesses and organizations looking to implement a sustainability plan.

Measuring reductions

Reduction types:
Either Intensity or Absolute reductions. *With mandatory Absolute reporting. Info
Reporting Boundaries:
Must report all operations (buildings etc) in the ClimateWise area. *Reporting on operations outside the ClimateWise area is optional
Greenhouse Gas Emissions reporting:
Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions. Info
Purchased Emission Reductions (i.e. offsets and credits):
Maximum 49% reductions from offsets and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). *Only third-party verified offsets accepted. Info
Baseline Year can be:
Based on data up to 3 years prior to joining ClimateWise. Info

Target dates and levels

Target completion dates:
10 years.
Target Checkpoints:
Every 2 years. Info
Reduction level(s):
Members set reduction targets based on their unique circumstance

Timeliness for Reporting.

Maximum time to set an emissions reduction target:
3 years after joining.
Maximum time to report emissions:
Once the baseline has been measured and the target has been set. *Annual thereafter.

ClimateWise Step by Step


An Emissions Reduction Framework that is straight forward and easy to understand.


Ensuring the program is accessible to as many organizations as possible.


Establishing meaningful and verifiable Greenhouse Gas reductions.