Member Benefits

All ClimateWise members receive the following benefits:

Assistance and Support

The ClimateWise Team is available to assist you throughout the process of measuring and establishing your emissions inventory, identifying achievable emissions reduction targets and tracking and reporting your progress.

Carbon Accounting Tool and Training

ClimateWise members are provided with an easy-to-use Carbon Accounting Tool that quantifies and reports their GHG emission and other sustainability program data. The ClimateWise Team fully supports and trains members in setting up and using this comprehensive cloud-based tool.

Collaborative Learning and Networking Events

ClimateWise hosts numerous events throughout the year focused on connecting members with the expertise and collaborative learning opportunities necessary to move their organizations forward towards more sustainable operations. These events offer the opportunity to learn, network, confer and collaborate with other ClimateWise members and sustainability experts. ClimateWise members receive complementary passes to some of these events.


ClimateWise resources connect members to the information and people necessary to help achieve their sustainability and emissions reduction targets. Resources include the Sustainability Services Directory, a Green Team Guide, along with other ClimateWise specific, technical and third-party documents.

Public Recognition

ClimateWise provides positive third-party recognition for ClimateWise members by showcasing the outstanding efforts and accomplishments of members making notable progress towards their GHG reduction targets. Recognition is offered through our year-end report, annual Evening of Recognition, connections to local media, and the ClimateWise website.

ClimateWise Year-End Report

Our year-end report celebrates the commitments and accomplishments of individual ClimateWise members, as well as the leadership shown collectively by members of ClimateWise. The year-end report is released at our Annual Evening of Recognition and circulated widely throughout the community.

Annual Evening of Recognition

At the end of each GHG reporting year, within the ClimateWise Business Network, ClimateWise celebrates the achievements of members by hosting an annual evening event that is attended by a cross section of people from the community, who come together to recognize ClimateWise member's sustainability accomplishments. The event also coincides with the release of our year-end report.

Local Media Connections

ClimateWise directs local media outlets to ClimateWise members who are making notable progress in their sustainability efforts.

Social Media

By leveraging our growing social media network that includes Twitter, Facebook, our Team Blog, and YouTube, we share the compelling greenhouse gas reduction stories of ClimateWise members.

ClimateWise Website

Member's sustainability projects are highlighted on the ClimateWise website. As well, we include member's reduction stories in our News section, showcase members on our Current Members page, and will highlight the collective achievements of the ClimateWise Business Network.

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By joining ClimateWise you gain a seat at the table of local businesses leading the way in promoting, achieving and establishing meaningful carbon emission reductions and business sustainability.