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Caring for Your Well

Cool Clean Water...

Your well taps into one of nature's treasures — cool, clean groundwater. You and your family depend on this precious resource every day for cooking, washing, and a continuous supply of safe drinking water. Take care of your well and your groundwater — for the sake of your family, your neighbours, and future generations.

Well Aware encourages Ontario's residential well owners to protect their wells and our common groundwater supplies.

A large number of Ontarians take their water from groundwater wells and dispose of their waste water on site. Every rural resident has an important role in the water cycle. We take water from wells, treat it, use or consume it, and then release it into septic systems, to eventually make its way back into the groundwater or surface water near by.

For more information on wells & septic systems, please visit www.wellaware.ca

Well owners in Ontario are responsible for the safety and operation of their own wells and septic systems and for what those systems put back into the water cycle.

The Well Aware program is unfortunately not available for this season!

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