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In 2005, the Ladies of the Lake, a grassroots group of women from around Lake Simcoe, brought attention to the issues facing the lake by disrobing for a cheeky not cheesy 2006 Calendar. They put Lake Simcoe on the map

The Ladies did not wish to stop there so they launched a new initiative – The Naked Truth Summer of Events with the Windfall Ecology Centre. The purpose: to move awareness into action.

Systematic, sustainable action requires knowledge about the issues, so one of the first events in the Naked Truth initiative was to undertake a comprehensive research project. This research, we discovered, would prove to be the very first time that the science behind the changes in Lake Simcoe are presented in a way that would:

  • Provide an overview of the signs or indicators of change as identified by the stakeholders around the Lake
  • Put into perspective the science behind the indicators in simple terms
  • Offer a set of possible actions to restore the Lake to health for the communities around the Lake and watershed.

This research document was developed during the Winter and Spring of 2006, under the direction of the Windfall Ecology Centre, as the basis for a series of Naked Truth action planning sessions in the Summer of 2006. A series of action planning events will build on the research by validating and adding to the list of indicators or signs about the lake as described by people who love Lake Simcoe, as well as creating a comprehensive set of priorities suggestedby Lake Simcoe's key stakeholders.

At the very core of this paper is the understanding that the Lake is more powerful than us and that we need to create ways to stop harming it, start helping it and continue loving it so it an get on with healing itself.

We would like to thank French Planning Services and Dr. Romila Verma for contributing to the research. This has been an extensive undertaking. Not only has the research been collected and synthesized, but all of the references have been peer reviewed and verified.

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Lake Simcoe needs help. This help must come, not only from scientists and governments, but also the communities of people that Lake Simcoe has taken care of for centuries.

Learn what actions you can take to help protect our lake!

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Read the Naked Truth Report