Healthy Kids Community Challenge is in Aurora

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Because active kids are happier, sleep better, and do better in school...

we should all RUN. JUMP. PLAY. EVERY DAY!


Supporting the health of our children

The Healthy Kids Community Challenge is Ontario's new drive to support the health of our children. Being active every day along with healthy eating are essential for growing children, so new ideas and programs are coming to the Town of Aurora — things that make it easier for our children to be active and eat healthier.

About Healthy Kids Community Challenge

Healthy Kids Message Board

New Theme! Water Does Wonders!

Aurora is launching the water does wonders campaign to encourage kids and families to drink water as a healthy alternative to sugar sweetened beverages. The following initiatives will promote water as an appealing and easy choice for kids and families:

  • Water conference for schools, after school clubs and organisations
  • Competitions
  • Updating and publication of BlueW water bottle refill app
  • and much much more....

The purpose of Water Does Wonders is to motivate kids to drink water when they are thirsty. Water is essential for good health. It is also a simple, convenient and low-cost option for quenching thirst.

Summer Competition

Win a Water Gun, Water Experiments or a Water Basketball Game!

We are happy to launch our next competition, Get Your Fill. To enter you have to be aged 12 and under and live in Aurora. To win you have to snap a selfie by a water fountain in Aurora. Post it to our Twitter or Facebook @FitKidsAurora and Hashtag #SlurpinH20. Entry deadline is August 25th 2016. Prizes include a Water Gun, Water Experiments and a Water Basketball Game!

Competition Poster

Community Needs Assessment


As part of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge Aurora program, Windfall Ecology Centre undertook a comprehensive needs analysis for the Aurora Community to identify barriers and determine what programming and activities could raise the bar on the health of our children over the next three to four years.

“The community needs assessment has illuminated opportunities to better the long-term health of our kids” says Brent Kopperson, Executive Director of Windfall Ecology Centre. “I am convinced that acting on our research will lead to a lasting legacy of healthier children for our community.”

Download Community Needs Assessment 

Healthy Kids Pass

February 15 - July 15, 2016

AFLC & Stronach

Skate or swim for free 7 times if you are 12 and under and live in Aurora. See more on the Town's website below.

Healthy Kids Pass

Run. Jump. Play. Every day.

From tummy time to tag

Children of all ages need to be active

Lots of good things happen when our kids move more. Stronger muscles and bones. Greater focus and attention. Self-confidence. Better coordination.

Active kids are happier, they sleep better, and they do better in school.

Being active doesn't have to mean planned, structured exercise or something complicated to add to your long to-do list. Children are active by nature. All you have to do is encourage that natural urge to Run. Jump. Play. Every day.

Benefits of active kids

How to get involved

All kinds of groups will be joining forces in the Healthy Kids Community Challenge — public health organizations, recreation centres, schools, businesses, community groups and parents.

Our goal: To create a community where it's easy for kids to be active and eat healthy.

You can help make this happen.

Get involved

Be a Healthy Kids Ambassador

Throughout the year we will be featuring someone from the community who serves as a great example for our children by keeping active and eating healthy. If you know somebody who would make a great Healthy Kids Ambassador — please submit their name for consideration.

Be an ambassador

Healthy Kids Aurora in the news

Get ready to Run. Jump. Play. Everyday!. Healthy Kids Community Challenge featured in the Auroran.

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Keeping our children active doesn't have to be complicated or organized. It can be as simple as a few suggestions, a little ingenuity, and soon kids are busy being active and having fun.

Benefits of active children

Community Activities

Getting out to community events is a great way to connect with other parents and a perfect opportunity for kids to meet and play with others.

Community activities

Eating Healthy

Yes, getting our kids to eat healthy meals can often seem like a challenge. But healthy eating can be simple, quick, tasty, and economical too.

Simple recipes

Helpful Resources

Raising children isn't always a walk in the park and we all need a little help sometimes. Fortunately there are helpful resources available.

Parent resources

Thanks for supporting us kids!

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