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Incentive Program

Save On Energy — Home Assistance Program

Free energy saving upgrades

Three Key Elements

A Detailed In-Home Energy Assessment

A Home Assistance Expert will visit your home and complete a detailed in-home energy assessment, assess the energy use of your major appliances and provide advice on steps that can be taken to save even more energy.

Basic Energy Saving Devices and Upgrades

Based on the results of your assessment, the Home Assistance Expert will install basic energy saving devices and determine additional upgrades that you may qualify for including:

  • Energy-saving light bulbs
  • A power bar
  • A low-flow showerhead
  • Faucet aerators
  • A programmable thermostat
  • Weatherstripping around doors and windows
  • Refrigerator
  • Room air conditioner
  • Attic or basement insulation

Helpful Energy Saving Advice

Participant will receive advice about energy-saving strategies and be informed about how to use new energy-saving upgrades to maximize their benefits.

Who is Eligible

You may be eligible for free upgrades if:

You are a Veridian Connections or Whitby Hydro Electric customer

  • The electricity bill must be in your name

You own or rent your home

  • If you rent your home, you will need the owner, your landlord or property manager to complete part of the application form.

Your home is:

  • Less than 600 m2 (6,400 ft.2)
  • No more than 3 storeys high

You must also meet ONE of the following requirements:

You received a Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) grant in the past 12 months


You received one of the following in the past 12 months:

  • Guaranteed Income Supplement
  • National Child Benefit Supplement
  • Allowance for Seniors
  • Ontario Works
  • Ontario Disability Support Program
  • Allowance for the Survivor
  • Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP)
  • Healthy Smiles Ontario Child Dental Program
  • Natural Gas (DSM) Low-Income Program


Your household after-tax income is:

Household Size After-tax income of all household members age 18 and older
1 Person $21,773
2 People $30,792
3 People  $37,712
4 People $43,546
5 People  $48,686
6 People $53,333
7 People $57,606
8 People $61,583
9 People $65,319
10 People $68,852

*Subject to change to align with Low Income Measures (LIM) updates

How To Apply

Eligible Person

Download the applicable application form for your Local Distribution Company. Once completed, please fax to: 1-289-648-4106

Veridian Connections

Whitby Hydro Electric

Social / Assisted Housing Manager or Building Owner/Manager

Please contact the Home Assistance Program by phone:

Veridian Connections Inc. service area: 1-866-214-4770 ext. 167

Whitby Hydro Electric Corporation service area: 1-905-556-2008 ext. 167


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IESO and local electric utilities have joined together under the Home Assistance Program. This is a FREE program designed to help income-eligible Ontario homeowners, tenants and social and/or assisted housing providers improve the energy efficiency of their homes or buildings.

Benefits & Savings:

There are many reasons to take part in the Home Assistance Program:

  • Lower your energy costs
  • Manage your energy costs
  • Make your home more comfortable
  • Get energy-efficient upgrades free of charge!

Housing Examples

Some examples of eligible housing types:

  • Detached or semi-detached house
  • Townhouse
  • Mobile home
  • Mulit-unit duplex, triplex or other multi-residential building

Some examples of eligible residential social housing are:

  • Non-profit corporations as outlined in Ontario's Social Housing Reform Act 2000 (SHRA)
  • Public housing corporations owned by municipalities directly or through Local Housing Corporations (LHC's)
  • Non-profit housing corporations that manage/own rural and native residential housing
  • Non-profit organizations or municipal/provincial governments that manage/own residential supportive housing, shelters and hostels
  • Non-profit housing co-operatives as defined in the Co-operative Corporations Act, where 80% of the residents are income-qualified

This incentive program requires a Home Energy Audit & Assessment to determine what upgrades are required:


Contact Us

Call Toll Free: 1.866.280.4431

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Call Toll Free: 1.866.280.4431

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Call Toll Free: 1.866.280.4431

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