BEEP Dashboard

York Region Business Energy and Emissions Profile (BEEP) Dashboard


The York Region Business Energy and Emissions Profile (BEEP) is a study of greenhouse gas emissions generated by York Region businesses. The study was commissioned by the Windfall Ecology Centre to gain insight and to engage businesses in taking action on climate change and improving business profitability through energy and fuel savings.

The Digital BEEP Dashboard is an extension of the BEEP report. It allows for interactive data exploration, and supplements the report with spatial data views. We invite you to view the tabs above for an in depth exploration of York Region business emissions and energy use. This study was completed by Climate Smart, a BC-based social enterprise that helps businesses measure and profitably reduce their emissions.


The energy and emissions projections in the BEEP are based on Climate Smart aggregate data on various industry sectors, and the York Region's Statistics Canada business data. Note that all the energy and emissions values in the BEEP are modelled and based on industry averages, and do not represent actual emissions measurement. The study includes the majority (but not all) private sector businesses, and excludes health care, education, and public administration sectors. For more details on the methodology, see the full BEEP report.


ClimateWise Business Network is a York Region target-based sustainability program focused upon engaging the business community to make meaningful emissions reductions. ClimateWise provides organizations with tools, resources and support to allow local organizations to streamline operational efficiency and gain a competitive advantage, no matter where they are in their sustainability journey.


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