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October 3, 2014

Alternatives Journal reports on Windfall EV study

If we can look past the short-term losses, shifting from traditional vehicles to EVs would be a massive economic boon – and help meet ambitious GHG reduction targets.

Read about Windfall's EV study in Alternatives Journal

September 26, 2014

Community Energy Conservation Program Expanded

Energy efficiency incentives now available in new areas

Postal codes include Pickering, Ajax, Brampton and Mississauga

The Enbridge Community Energy Conservation Program which was available in York Region and select areas in Toronto has now expanded. Specific postal codes are now included to qualify for up to $2000 in incentives for making energy efficient upgrades that reduce gas consumption in the home.

Find out which postal codes qualify

September 18, 2014

Manufacturing Electric Vehicles for Ontario market would boost economy by $3.6 billion

Windfall Centre releases year-long EV economic impact study

EVs would also help achieve emission reduction targets

Windfall Centre has released its in-depth study of the economic impact of Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption in Ontario. The year-long research project, dispels myths and fills a significant knowledge gap on the impacts of what could well be a transformative shift in personal transportation in the 21st century. If EVs reach a 10% share of the total passenger vehicle population by 2025, Ontario can expect total income to increase by over $3.6 Billion with 34,000 person years of work created.

Also, released today is the GT80 Calculator, an innovative on-line tool designed to assist policy makers, educators, and other stakeholders in modeling the economic and environmental outcomes of user defined EV adoption scenarios.

Download the report

September 18, 2014

The E-Mazing Race is Back!

Tour the Sun Country Highway Charging Network

Event launches September 29th across North America

The E-mazing Race is about to kick off and participants will tour the Sun Country Highway Charging Network. The event will bring attention to the advances made in the electric vehicle movement as well as raise fund for further EV infrastructure development.

The official launch will take place Monday September 29, 2014 in Summerside, PEI (exact location to be announced) as well as various secondary launch cities across the continent. Not a race to the finish; but an epic EV challenge to visit the most Sun Country Highway charging stations and collect the most points in a one month period. 

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August 12, 2014

OSEA Green Energy Doors Open - October 4th

Tour success stories of conservation, community engagement and sustainable energy development

Windfall Centre is hosting an event from 10am-2pm

Come take a tour at Windfall Centre, located in the heritage Sheppard Family estate in the Sheppard Bush Conservation Area. The tour highlights how a historical building can incorporate energy conservation and renewable energy retrofits to reduce a homes carbon footprint. Interested attendees can also take a  test ride in our all electric vehicle, a Nissan leaf!

More than 90 host sites are already confirmed to hold a variety of events across the province, including Windfall Centre.

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More updates

Getting To 80

Enbridge customers in Wards 13 and 30 may qualify for up to $2000 in incentives when making energy saving upgrades to their homes. The cash incentives are being offered as part of community-wide climate protection initiative led by Project Neutral and Windfall Ecology Centre.

Visit the Getting To 80 website for full details